2018 Media on our discovery that potent bird-specific toxins are wide-spread in Boiga species, and thus the brown tree snake invasion of Guam was just the right snake in the wrong place.

2018 Media on our discovery of a new species of bandy bandy snake
additional links: Sydney Morning Herald; IFLScience; CNET; Cosmos; UPI; The Guardian Week in Wildlife

2018 A writeup on our research into how antivenom failures are not just because of venom variation but are driven by socioeconomic factors as well.

2017 Saw-scaled viper venoms are a huge public health issue due to narrow taxonomic ranges of antivenom efficacy combined with unscrupulous antivenom manufacturers selling antivenoms outside their regions of usefullness

Economist, IFLScience

2017 Tiger snake venoms are highly conserved, resulting in extremely high levels of antivenom cross-reactivity

International Business Times, GizmodoEarthTouch News, phys.org

2017 Lizard venoms as potential sources of stroke treatment

ABC, IBT, Eureka Alert, UPI, IFLScience

2017 Fang blenny fish venom contains opioid peptides

BBC (text), BBC (video), IFLScience, Science Sushi, other links (google search results) 

2017 Brown snakes have neurotoxic venom as babies but blood acting venom as adults

Brisbane Times, IFLScience, Australian Geographic, Science Sushi, other media links (google search results)  

2017 Cytotoxicity as a defensive innovation in cobras and its link

Washington Post, Sydney Morning Herald, Gizmodo, International Buisiness Times, IFLScienceother media links (google search results)

2016 Novel neurotoxins from the venom of the long-glanded blue coral snake

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2017 Australian Academy of Science Brain Box

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